Wednesday, February 5, 2014

There is some Exciting Writing Stuff going on right now . . .

So it has been quite a while since I've blogged, and honestly I am a big enough person to admit that I'm not the greatest blogger BUT I have some very exciting things to share with you all! So here we go with my first post! Keep checking back over the next few days OR weeks (Lol) to see what else I have going on in my writing life.

#1~ The LDStorymakers Conference is coming! I went to this last year and it was so fantastic. Not only did I rub shoulders with some of the greatest Authors of all time BUT I learned ALOT and made so many new friends!

So what's the LDStorymakers 2014 Contest? Here's a brief summary, but you can find out more details on their website. The 2014 LDStormaker writers conference will be in Layton, UT, on April 25-26, with Bootcamp and the Publication Primer on April 24. This is the writing conference you can't afford to miss.

Keynote: Orson Scott Card

Melissa Frain, editor at Tor
Eddie Schneider, VP of JABberwocky Literary Agency
Daniel Lazar, senior agent at Writer's House
Josh Adams of Adams Literary
Laurie McLean, Foreword Literary

Other noteable guests: Heather B. Moore, Sara M. Eden, Annette Lyon, Brandon Sanderson, Brodi Ashton, Carla Kelly, Janette Rallison, Matthew J. Kirby, Elana Johnson, J. Scott Savage, Sara B. Larson, Kristen Chandler, Renee Collins, Tess Hilmo, Peggy Eddleman, Kimberly Griffiths Little, Natalie Whipple, Julieanne Donaldson, Chad Morris, Robison Wells and more!
#2~ One of my all time favorite authors and a wonderful friend, that I had the privilege of meeting last year at Storymakers, Heather B. Moore, has one of her books in an incredible boxed set that is now available to by! And the kindle version is only .99 right now. So exciting! And let me just tell you, although I haven't had a chance to read all of the books in this set yet, I have just finished one of them and it was so good I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read the others. So if you are in need of something fantastic to read, go get these books! I promise you won't be disappointed.
#3~  Also, Krista Lynn Jensen is doing another countdown contest for her new Novella that is coming out, With all my Heart. I tell you I can't wait to read this one. So go on over to her page and enter the contest. It's easy and fun. Who knows maybe you will win a free copy of her new book. :-)

#4~ Last but certainly not least, please hop on over to this page and help out an Amazing Author Robison Wells who is struggling with the horrible crippling effects of Mental Illness. Let's face it, at some point in our lives we have probably all dealt with this in some form or another and we know how hard it can be, especially when trying to provide for your family. To help Rob get through this, you can help contribute to his fundraiser right now by going to this site and either donating (even as little a $1, every little bit helps) or by buying one of his books, and then you will be entered into an raffle to receive some pretty amazing prizes. So go check it out!


  1. I can't wait for Storymakers either! Thanks for posting about the box set!

  2. Heather, I'm counting the days until StoryMakers! It's going to be fantastic! AND You are so welcome! I can't wait to get started reading all the wonderful books in this set!